Resist, Recover and ReJoy Your Life After Bullying

Do Not Mourn What Cannot Be…
Celebrate Rather What Is!


Life Doula Model of Care Poster

Moral Injury and Wounded Healers

Before the pandemic, nurses were experiencing compassion fatigue, burnout, and distress. The COVID 19 pandemic exacerbated those issues. One day nurses were heroes and the next day demonized for their beliefs. Nurses suffer from long term health problems including arthritis, chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Suicide incidence among nurses was 17.1 per 100,000, compared to 8.6 per 100,000 among women in the general public.

Have you been so tired you cannot attend your child’s soccer game?
Have you been physically ill after your shift due to the toxic workplace?
Are your relationships a challenge?
Are your emotions i

The Life Doula Integrated Care Model assists nurses who are morally injured and ready to quit the profession, or are so are burned out so that they suffer physical and emotional distress.

The model includes six comprehensive strategies to address many areas of concern:

  • Trauma Awareness
  • Life Balance
  • ReJoy Principles
  • ENLP Strategies
  • Dynamic Coaching
  • Empowered Voices


Creating the life you want is like birthing a baby: it’s both painful and joyful, and so much easier with someone caring for you. Through coaching, speaking, social media and courses I’ll support and guide you through the challenges you’re facing. With compassion and encouragement – and zero judgment – I’ll be by your side.

I’m not just a life coach – I’m your Life Doula.

Unresolved trauma creates drama

ENLP strategies and dynamic coaching

Life Balance and ReJoy

Empowered Voices

Trauma Awareness

Outward Mindset
“The Model”
Trauma Triangle
Empowerment Triangle
Compassion Fatigue Recovery
Meanness Matrix
Amygdala Hijack

Life Balance

Healthy Eating
Budgeting–Time and Money
Meal Planning
BARE–Detox, Declutter and Devote
Using a Calendar
Project Management
“No” is a Complete Sentence

ReJoy Principles

Rise and Shine
Activate Positive Energy
Enjoy the Journey
Own It!

Dynamic Coaching

One on One
Online Learning

Empowered Voices

Finding a Cause Greater than Yourself

ENLP Strategies

Evolved Neurolinguistic Programming

Quantum Change Process
Quantum Time Release
Communication Model
Breakthrough process


Hi! I’m Dr. JoNeil

Lover of all things Nurses! Which is why I want to take nurses off the menu!


I am someone who had been bullied for the first time by my preceptor in the Operating Room. She threw me under the bus in front of the Chief of Vascular Surgery—by sending me to look for a piece of equipment that she knew was out for repair!!!!! Sweet Mother of Pearl! Bus tracks and tears all in one case!

I wish I could say that was the last time I was bullied. But I can’t. For some reason I am a bully magnet, AND Dear Lord, a people pleasing, conflict avoiding, really nice person all wrapped up in an empathic nurse. Perfect recipe for being bullied.

I have been a staff nurse, a nursing leader, a nurse consultant/trainer and college professor. And now I am on a mission to arm nurses with Bullying PPE.

Yup, you heard that right. I am going to help nurses put on their bullying personal protective equipment!!! There will always be bullies, but there are ways that you can combat the effects of bullying without going into combat.

My Doctoral dissertation was “Bullying in the Perioperative Nursing Workplace”. I found out what I already knew. Nurses are bullied. Nurses are bullies. Bullying hurts nurses. Bullying hurts patients.

My biggest disappoint was that I still did not know how to fix it! I have spent the past 10 years looking for something to help nurses. I read, I taught, I kept looking.

Three years ago, in a moment of clarity, I “saw” an answer. Many different modalities, including Bold, Outward Mindset and my work at CoachU, blended together become The Meanness Matrix™. A tool that looks at the severity of bullying and the relevance the bully has in your life.

I began teaching it during nursing orientation and to anyone else who would listen—young, old, did not matter.

I started hearing back that difficult situation had been de-escalated, conflicts avoided, and work life became better.

That is what I want for you, dear nurse! I am on a mission to help nurses resist and recover from the negative effects of bullying.

Nurse Bullying

Bullying & Healthcare

JoNeil completed her Doctoral Degree in Organizational Leadership at the University of Phoenix. Her doctoral study focused on Bullying in the Operating Room. Dr. Conley is a graduate of CoachU and currently has a coaching practice for people who have been bullied and is the creator of the Meanness Matrix™, a tool to resist and recover from the
impact of negative people and experiences.


She is also a certified facilitator of the BOLD for Girls program, teaching teens and their moms to gain increased self-confidence and esteem. The BOLD program helps girls and women overcome the diet culture and appreciate their bodies.

Outward Mindset

Dr. Conley, along with her husband, is a trainer of the Arbinger Institute program, Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset. This program is a key element of her current coaching and speaking practice. The driving principle of an outward mindset is seeing others as people, with needs, challenges, hopes, and desires and creating shared success.

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